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The Canada Greener Homes Grant

Ontario is forging ahead with its commitment to tackle climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Canada Greener Homes Grant is one such initiative. It aims to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient, contributing to environmental conservation and saving on energy costs.

As a homeowner, you may be looking to reduce your energy bill, improve the comfort of your home, and contribute to a greener environment. But where do you start?

Natural Resources Canada has introduced the Canada Greener Homes Grant to aid Canadian residents in retrofitting their homes with efficiency upgrades.

Whether you are considering installing power-efficient heating equipment, looking to understand the role of an energy advisor, or curious about what the Canada Greener Homes Grant entails – this guide has you covered.

Understanding the Canada Greener Homes Grant

Solar panels illustrating Canada Greener Homes Grant

The Canada Greener Homes Grant, spearheaded by Natural Resources Canada, aims to encourage homeowners to make energy-efficient home improvements. This initiative not only combats climate change but also creates job opportunities for Canadians. The property must be your primary residence and be at least six months old to qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Grant. Only constructions that are six months old are eligible.

Role of Energy Advisors

An energy advisor is crucial in the Canada Greener Homes Grant program. They assess the energy efficiency of your home and recommend upgrades. They also conduct post-retrofit evaluations to measure improvements. It’s important to select qualified energy advisors. Natural Resources Canada has a list of registered energy advisors you can consult. When working with an energy advisor, ensure you understand the recommendations and ask for clarification if needed.

Exploring the Types of Grants

Energy-Efficient Heating Equipment

One of the grants available is for the installation of energy-efficient heating equipment. It may include high-efficiency boilers, furnaces, and heat pump systems. Installing efficient heating equipment reduces your energy bill and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

Space and Water Heating System

A heat pump system is an essential component for efficient heating. It works by transferring heat energy from one source to another. For instance, a heat pump can draw heat from outside and transfer it inside in winter. Under the Greener Homes Grant, you can receive funds for installing or upgrading a heat pump system. The grant amount can be up to $5,000.

Air Sealing

Improving your home’s air sealing is another eligible upgrade under the grant. Good air sealing reduces the air that leaks in and out of your home, improving comfort and lowering heating and cooling costs. The grant amount can be up to $1000.

Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic solar panels installation helps to turn solar energy into electricity. It is also an eligible retrofit for the grant that you can utilize. The grant amount can be up to $5,000.

Resiliency Measures

These measures encompass safeguarding your home and family against environmental harm while coupled with another energy efficiency retrofit. The grant amount can be up to $2,625.

Eligibility Requirements

Before delving into the application process, it is crucial to understand the eligibility criteria for the Canada Greener Homes Grant. This grant can aid homeowners in making energy-efficient improvements to fight climate change and bolster domestic green supply chains.

Who Can Apply?

  • Canadian homeowners, including single and semi-detached homes, row housing, and multi-unit residential buildings.
  • The applicant must use the property as their primary residence.
  • Only constructions that are six months old are eligible.

Upgrades That Qualify

  • One must recommend the upgrade in the pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation.
  • Improvements include installing solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, improving insulation, installing energy star certified windows and doors, and more.

How to Apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant

How to apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant

The Canada Greener Homes Grant application process is streamlined and involves steps to ensure home improvements contribute to energy efficiency.

Step 1 – Pre-Retrofit EnerGuide Evaluation

Before renovating, you must have a pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation performed on your home. Contact a service organization licensed by Natural Resources Canada to find an energy advisor near you. The energy advisor will evaluate your home’s energy usage and provide a renovation upgrade report outlining the potential upgrades that would be eligible for the grant.

Step 2 – Register and Document

Once you have your renovation upgrade report, register for the Canada Greener Homes Grant through the official website. Keep a copy of your report, document all your upgrades, including before and after photographs, and keep all receipts.

Step 3 – Complete the Retrofits

Now you can move on to completing the retrofit work. Remember, a licensed contractor must complete the upgrades and align with the recommendations in your renovation upgrade report.

Step 4 – Post-Retrofit EnerGuide Evaluation

After completing the retrofits, one must conduct a post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation. It will assess the energy efficiency improvements of your home after the upgrades. This evaluation is essential to qualify for the grant.

Step 5 – Submission of Application

Once you have your post-retrofit evaluation, submit your application through the Greener Homes Grant portal. You must upload all documentation, including pre and post-retrofit evaluations, receipts, and other relevant documents.

Step 6 – Receiving the Grant

After reviewing and approving your application, you will receive the grant amount for the eligible expenses.

Canada Greener Homes Loan

In addition to the grant, a Canada Greener Homes Loan is available for homeowners. This loan can help to support your home retrofit activities further. It offers attractive terms and conditions to make it more affordable for homeowners to take the necessary steps to make their homes power efficient.

Conclusion – The Road to a Greener Future

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is a monumental stride towards a sustainable future. You are making your home more comfortable by air sealing, installing a heat pump, or opting for other energy-efficient measures. In addition, you reduce your energy bill and positively impact the environment. Utilize this grant and be a part of Canada’s greener tomorrow.





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