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Top 7 EV Charger Installers in Ottawa

What do you know about the top EV Charger Installers in Ottawa? As the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle gains traction worldwide, the need for supporting infrastructure, particularly in transportation, has become increasingly important. A significant part of this shift is the rise of the electric vehicle (EV), a transformation sweeping across the globe, including Ottawa, Canada. With the increased electric car ownership, the demand for EV charger installation has skyrocketed. After all, establishing a robust network of EV charging stations is crucial to making electric vehicles practical and convenient.

This article aims to guide you in finding the best professionals for your charger installation needs by listing the top 10 EV charger installers in Ottawa, Canada. Whether you’re a proud owner of a brand-new electric vehicle, contemplating buying one, or a business seeking to accommodate the EV revolution, having a reliable, local EV charger installer is vital. Let’s get started.

Top 7 EV Charger Installers That You Can Trust

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Ottawa Electric

Ottawa Electric has set a substantial standard for electric vehicle charger installation services in the region. With their seamless EV charger installation process, they’re quickly making a name for themselves. They are the go-to resource for electric car owners.

Their in-depth understanding of EV charging station setup and the technical know-how they bring to each task is unmatched.

Ottawa Electric’s team respects the owner’s property during the charger installation, maintaining a neat work area and promptly cleaning up post-installation.

They make it their mission to integrate the electric vehicle supply equipment professionally, ensuring its long-term reliability and efficiency.

In essence, Ottawa Electric offers a comprehensive service considering every nuance of installing EV chargers for electric vehicles.

We highly recommend their services to anyone needing an efficient, reliable EV charger setup. Their commitment to promoting the use of electric vehicles in Ottawa is impressive and inspiring.

McGowan Electric

McGowan Electric in Ottawa, Canada, is a reputable service provider offering efficient installation of electric vehicle charging stations. Recognizing the rising trend of EV ownership in Ottawa, the company provides a hassle-free experience for clients to equip their homes with reliable charging stations.

The installation prices are highly competitive, and if necessary, the team also handles electrical panel upgrades to accommodate Level 2 chargers.

McGowan Electric excels at prompt communication and timely completion of projects while maintaining attention to detail and staying within the budget.

The team manages all aspects of installation, including securing necessary permits and inspection, thus demonstrating their comprehensive expertise as an electrical contractor.

Their ability to install all certified EV chargers, from Tesla to Volkswagen Golf, proves their adaptability. McGowan offers the right solutions if an electrical upgrade or an Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EV EMS) needs implementation.

Their knowledgeable product experts aid customers in choosing the appropriate circuit breaker and other components. They ultimately facilitate efficient electric vehicle charging at home.

Ottawa Stars EV Charger Installers

Ottawa Stars, a highly respected electrical contractor in Ottawa, Canada, has earned a reputation for being reliable and devoted. It is primarily due to its team of certified and masterful electricians.

With its roots in the community, this family-owned business has been successfully delivering various services for over 15 years to residential and commercial clients.

As an installer of electric car chargers, Ottawa Stars has been pivotal in the transformation towards greener technology, specifically in the installation of EV charging stations.

Their experience extends beyond merely installing EV chargers, encompassing complex tasks such as electrical panel upgrades. In addition, they help in circuit breaker adjustments to accommodate the needs of an electric vehicle charging station.

Kanata, Orleans, Barrhaven, and Manotick neighborhoods have benefited from their specialized EV charging station installation service.

The team’s flexible scheduling and commitment to customer satisfaction, underpinned by their dedication to keeping the work environment tidy, add to their charm. Furthermore, their two-year warranty on all goods and labor underscores the quality of their work.

Their prompt responses to queries reinforce Ottawa Stars’ reputation for being a trustworthy EV charging installer in the city.

Ottawa Stars deserves serious consideration if you’re seeking an experienced, courteous, and competent electrical services provider for your EV charging needs.

Anchor Home Comfort

Anchor Home Comfort is an established electrical contractor in Ottawa. It is renowned for its excellent service in installing electric vehicle charging stations. They are among the best EV Charger Installers in Ottawa.

The team exhibits significant skill in installing both Level 1 and Level 2 EV chargers, catering effectively to the needs of electric car owners.

Anchor Home Comfort handles residential projects and does not offer commercial or condominium-based installations. Equally important, this focus on household installations allows for streamlined and efficient service.

Anchor Home Comfort is significant in propelling the shift from gas to green, proving itself a dependable ally in this electric revolution. By ensuring residential properties across Ottawa have well-installed EV chargers, they are adapting to the evolving way of driving.

Anchor Home Comfort is highly recommendable in Ottawa for anyone seeking to enter the world of electric cars. Also, they help those who require a reliable EV charging station installation service. Their dedication and expertise are truly commendable.

Montana Electric Services

Montana Electric Services in Ottawa, Canada, offers premier solutions for installing EV chargers at home. As a certified electrical contractor, their team can handle the demands of modern electric and hybrid vehicles, which most standard home systems cannot support.

For those seeking speedier solutions, they offer rapid chargers installation, significantly reducing charging time. Their master electrician, David Pamic, adeptly configures the circuits for this complex service, thus alleviating the hassle of doing it yourself.

What distinguishes Montana Electric is its commitment to service quality and customer convenience. They guide you through the selection process of the charger, handle ESA inspections, and facilitate rebate submission to Ontario officials. In addition, they quickly transfer the ESA certificate of inspection to your address. Additionally, they offer flexible payment options, making them an excellent choice for Ottawa electrical services.

Montana Electric’s partnership with Allandale Technologies, an Ontario-based EV equipment provider, enhances its offerings. This collaboration allows them to provide a one-stop shopping experience, including all EV chargers and equipment, even for aluminum wiring.

Whether you live in Bells Corners, Vanier, or any other Greater Ottawa community, you can avail of Montana Electric’s services. Their dedication to the local communities has earned them multiple HomeStars Best of Awards. It underlines their reputation for expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and transparent communication.

Ring Electric

Stationed in Ottawa, Ring Electric boasts over 15 years of unrivaled EV charger installation services. Bryan Verhulp, who spearheads this family-owned business, exudes an unmistakable passion for his craft. His commitment reflects the company’s exceptional service, which has clinched HomeStar’s “Best of” award for six consecutive years. It solidifies Ring Electric’s position as a standout service provider.

What sets Ring Electric apart is its collaboration with ELMEC, a renowned Canadian manufacturer of duty car chargers. These premium chargers can significantly accelerate your car’s battery charging speed, translating to shorter waiting times and more driving time.

In conclusion, Ring Electric is your one-stop solution for embedding EV charging into your home’s electrical systems. Their promise goes beyond mere service; they offer unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and high-quality craft.

Mike Fuller Electric

If you’re an electric vehicle (EV) owner in Ottawa, you know the importance of having a reliable and well-installed charging station at home. Mike Fuller Electric is a trustworthy EV charger installer who transforms this essential need into an effortless reality.

A winning factor is their ability to install charging stations for an extensive range of electric vehicles. Mike Fuller Electric ensures you get whether it’s a Tesla Model 3, Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, or any other model.

Their pricing depends on various factors, such as your home’s age and your electrical panel’s capacity. However, their familiarity with EV charging installations helps keep costs down. It’s good to see a professional electrical contractor who understands the importance of affordability while maintaining quality service.

In your EV journey, never compromise safety with DIY attempts. Contact Mike Fuller Electric, a professional and proficient EV Charger Station Installer in Ottawa, for top-notch installation services.

What to Look For in an EV Charger Installer in Ottawa?

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Before you invest in a charger installer for your electric vehicle (EV), there are several crucial aspects you need to consider. This guide will guide you through the essential features and criteria to help you decide when choosing between Ottawa’s top 7 EV charger installers.

Qualifications and Experience

Certification from recognized industry bodies is essential. A fully certified installer provides a stamp of approval, guarantees they are competent and adheres to industry standards.

The company’s experience in installing EV chargers is a crucial factor. In addition, the longer a company has been in business, the more reliable they are likely to be. A company with a proven track record is generally more trustworthy.

Types of Chargers Installed

The type of charger an installer is competent with is a critical factor to consider. These could range from Level 1 to Level 2 to DC Fast chargers. It would be best to choose an installer with a wide range of experience with different chargers to suit your specific needs.

Warranty and Maintenance Services

Make sure the installer provides a comprehensive warranty for the work done. Again, this will protect you if something goes wrong after the installation.

Check if the installer offers after-installation services such as maintenance, repairs, and inspections. Regular maintenance can ensure the longevity of your EV charger.

Pricing and Payment Options

Compare the pricing structure of different installers. While the cheapest option might seem attractive, it may not provide the best value in the long run. Make sure the price is reasonable and competitive.

Check if the installer offers flexible payment options. Companies may offer financing options or phased payments, easing the initial financial burden.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Look for reviews and ratings of the installer on trusted online platforms. Besides, it will provide insights into the installer’s reputation, reliability, and customer service.

Accessibility and Availability

The installer should be easily reachable in case of any queries or issues. Prompt responses and effective communication often characterize good customer service.

It’s also essential to know if the installer can accommodate your schedule and if they can respond to emergencies outside of regular business hours.

Before you make your decision on which EV charger installer to go with, take the time to assess each of these points. Doing so ensures you get the best service that suits your needs and budget.

The Bottom Line – EV Charger Installers Ottawa

In conclusion, choosing an EV charger installer in Ottawa, Canada, requires careful consideration of cost, customer service, technology, and sustainability factors. Ottawa Electric, McGowan Electric, and Ring Electric are among the best in the region. Each has a distinct offering but is firmly committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Every potential EV owner must evaluate their unique situation and decide based on their specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Install an EV Charger at Home in Ottawa?

The cost of installing an EV charger at home in Ottawa can range widely, typically from CAD 500 to CAD 2,000. The price varies depending on the EV charging station type, your electrical system’s specific requirements, and the labor cost in your area. Factors influencing the price include your electrical panel’s capacity, the need for a new circuit breaker, and the distance from the panel to the charging point. Remember, a qualified professional should thoroughly inspect your electrical system before an EV charger installation to ensure safety and efficiency.

Can a Local Electrician Install an EV Charger?

A local electrician can install an EV charger, provided they are licensed and experienced in working with EV chargers and related equipment. They must understand the specific requirements of an EV charging station, as it’s more than just a basic car charger. The electrician should have experience dealing with electrical panels and circuit breakers. Moreover, the electrician should also be capable of thoroughly inspecting your home’s electrical system. They should also be able to help you acquire any necessary electrical permits. It ensures that your EV charger installation meets all local codes and regulations.





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