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EV Charger Installers in Toronto – Top 7 Picks

Toronto is no exception in embracing the green revolution. The city is becoming an increasingly prominent hub for electric vehicle owners who rely on an expansive network of electric vehicle charging stations. However, having an EV car charger right in the comfort of your home or workplace can significantly enhance the convenience of owning an EV. It also reduces dependence on public charging stations and provides peace of mind, knowing you can charge your vehicle anytime, regardless of public station availability.

If you’re in Toronto, Ontario, then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top EV charger installers within the city. These service providers install, guide, and advise you on the best EV charger suited for your electric vehicle and specific needs.

This way, you can ensure that you’re not just installing a charger but an efficient and reliable electric vehicle charging station that keeps you on the move in the greenest way possible. Stay tuned and buckle up as we delve into the details of these top-tier installers.

Powersource Electric

an EV charging outdoors

Powersource Electric, based in Toronto, Ontario, is a highly dependable service provider in EV charger installations.

The team understands the significance of having a home-based EV charging station, an exceptionally convenient amenity for every electric vehicle owner.

With a keen awareness of the complexities of installing EV chargers, Powersource Electric offers a reliable and efficient professional approach.

A careful and precise methodology has demonstrated their proficiency in EV charger installation. It avoids common pitfalls such as wasted electricity or potential hazards due to incorrect setup.

Power source Electric’s skillset extends to installing a range of EV chargers, including EV car chargers, fostering a comprehensive service experience.

Their attitude and attention to detail during installations save electricity costs and guarantee that your EV charger is always ready to provide a full charge when required.

Final Verdict

In summary, Powersource Electric exemplifies expertise and accuracy in EV charger installation. The team is committed to setting up efficient and reliable home-based EV charging stations, providing customers with the assurance of a well-charged electric vehicle.

Consider installing an EV charger at home; Powersource Electric comes highly recommended.

Canadian Wire Wizards

Canadian Wire Wizards, located in Toronto, Ontario, stands out as a leading installer of EV chargers. With the ongoing surge in electric vehicle adoption and escalating oil prices, more drivers are transitioning to electric cars.

However, many homes and residential buildings lack EV charging stations. Again, this is where Canadian Wire Wizards shines, stepping in to fill this gap by offering superior EV charger installation services.

Their team of skilled professionals adeptly handles the installation of EV charging stations, ensuring that your home or building is well-equipped to support your electric vehicle.

Canadian Wire Wizards are more than just an EV charging station contractor. They provide a holistic solution for your electric car needs, from installing EV chargers to subsequent maintenance.

They ensure that installing your EV car charger is seamless, minimizing the inconvenience typically associated with such tasks.

Their expertise in EV charger installation sets them apart from competitors and positions them as a go-to option for anyone with an electric car.

Final Verdict

Overall, Canadian Wire Wizards offers a comprehensive solution for electric vehicles. Their proficient team, high-quality EV charging stations, and exceptional installation services make them a trusted choice for many in Toronto and beyond. Canadian Wire Wizards is undoubtedly the way to go if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient EV charger installer.

EVdirect Inc.

EVdirect Inc., based in Toronto, Ontario, is making commendable strides as a premier intelligent power distribution solutions provider. Notably, their innovative work is central to the ever-growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

The firm’s partnership with Eaton has led to the creation of the groundbreaking Evolute™. It is a comprehensive Smart Multi-User Electric Vehicle Charging System shaping the future of EV car charger infrastructure.

The Evolute™ is a unique answer to the industry’s pressing needs, effectively tackling challenges such as limited power, remote access, billing, and user preferences.

As a versatile solution, it is well-suited for different settings ranging from residential to commercial properties and even fleet vehicles. This broad range of applicability only emphasizes EVdirect’s commitment to the widespread implementation of electric vehicle charger systems.

What sets EVdirect Inc. apart is its interactive app, allowing users to monitor and regulate their electric vehicle charger usage.

The freedom of choice offered by their charging station compatibility is also noteworthy. Furthermore, their easy-to-use web app interface simplifies the administration of car charger installation for administrators.

Final Verdict

With a dedicated passion for reducing carbon emissions through cutting-edge technology, EVdirect works diligently alongside utilities, inspection authorities, and clients to deliver expandable and customizable EV chargers. Their work revolutionizes power distribution, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


PLUGZ, a dedicated EV charger installer based in Toronto, Ontario, has astutely responded to the city’s shift towards a greener future. With the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles, one cannot overstate the importance of accessible and efficient EV charging stations.

PLUGZ has become pivotal, offering turnkey solutions and tailor-made designs for residential and commercial customers.

The installation of an EV car charger by PLUGZ is not only efficient but also affordable. The services, designed to recharge electric cars up to ten times faster than a typical 120V wall outlet, are provided with an assurance of lifetime warranties, adding significant value to their proposition.

Furthermore, they are committed to streamlining the process of installing EV chargers, ensuring a seamless experience for the customer.

As for the utility of the EV charging station, the company empowers customers to refuel their electric cars at home. It aligns perfectly with the fact that most electric car charging happens domestically. Besides, this adds an unmatched level of convenience and safety for EV owners in Toronto.

Final Verdict

PLUGZ is a driving force in installing advanced, quick, and reliable EV charging stations for electric vehicles in Toronto. It responds astutely to the city’s ambition to reduce its dependence on foreign oil. By providing affordable and efficient solutions, they’re helping make the electric car ownership experience genuinely exhilarating.

24/7 Electrical Service

24/7 Electrical Service, a top-tier Electric Vehicle (EV) charger installer in Toronto, Ontario, offers a comprehensive suite of home charging solutions that marry convenience with reliability.

As EVs continue to grow in popularity, many homeowners are searching for practical charging methods that fit seamlessly into their lifestyle, and this company’s offerings tick every box.

24/7 Electrical Service’s catalog is extensive, featuring a wide array of options such as electric car charger installation, home EV charging station installation, and electric car charging port installation.

Their experienced and licensed electrician team, committed to delivering excellent, high-quality work, perform all services.

One of the most appreciated aspects of this company is its attention to each client’s unique needs. This commitment extends to installing a Tesla wall connector, tailoring each project to meet the individual requirements of each home. Their customized services and dedication to quality make them the go-to for electric car charger installation in Toronto.

What sets 24/7 Electrical Service apart is the convenience their services offer. Installing a home car charger means homeowners can say goodbye to the hassle of searching for charging stations while moving.

Their team utilizes cutting-edge tools and technology to ensure the charging station installation process is swift and efficient. Furthermore, it provides clients with a seamless transition to home charging.

Final Verdict

The entire process is done professionally, from initial consultation to final installation. Moreover, these professionals offer these exceptional services at a reasonable price, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Contact them today for the top-notch installation services that keep your electric ride charged and ready to go.

Hotwire Electric

As the electric vehicle revolution gains momentum in Canada, a pertinent question arises: where will all these vehicles recharge? Hotwire Electric, an electric car Charger Installer based in Toronto, Ontario, is stepping up to this challenge.

Hotwire Electric has made considerable strides in residential, commercial, and condo electric car charger installations. Their extensive services cover Level 1 to Level 3 charging stations, enabling them to cater to a broad spectrum of EV charging needs.

This shift was further accelerated by forward-thinking legislation passed concurrently with the 2016 directive. The legislation mandated installing charging stations in all new residential and commercial buildings in Toronto.

Moreover, it was a critical turning point in the electric vehicle narrative in Ontario, with Hotwire playing a pivotal role in the process.

They take pride in being a part of this environmentally conscious movement. In addition, they know that their electric vehicle charger installations contribute to a sustainable future for the coming generations.

Their dedication to the electric car revolution is evident in their work, and their commitment to quality service makes them a go-to choice for electric car charger installations in the GTA.

Final Verdict

In sum, Hotwire Electric is not just an EV car charger installer; they are helping build a greener future by facilitating the electric vehicle movement. Their crucial role in boosting the availability of charging stations makes them an invaluable partner in Ontario’s sustainable transportation journey.

Hi-Lite Electric

Hi-Lite Electric in Toronto, Ontario, is a stellar service provider in the niche of electric vehicle (EV) charger installation. Catering to a steadily increasing demand, they demonstrate their prowess in electrical expertise and a genuine commitment to promoting greener alternatives to fossil fuels.

Aiming to normalize the presence of EV charging stations as much as conventional gas stations, Hi-Lite is at the forefront of facilitating a smoother transition to EVs for people.

They offer guidance and installation services to individual car owners and property proprietors, ensuring everyone can access this vital infrastructure.

A significant highlight is their ability to install different levels of chargers – Level 1 (12-hour charger) and notably Level 2 (4-hour charger) – which is popular among their clientele. One can strategically place chargers in your garage or your typical parking spot.

They efficiently streamline their service – an installation typically takes around four hours. They take care of everything from supplying the chargers to installing them, adhering strictly to ESA guidelines. Plus, they take the extra step of handling permit acquisition for their clients.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Hi-Lite Electric stands out as a reliable and professional service, contributing positively to the progress of the EV revolution. They make owning an EV in Toronto a much simpler and more convenient experience.

Buying Guide to Select the Right EV Charger Installer

an illustration of an EV home charger

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are rapidly becoming more popular, and with this surge, the need for EV charging stations is also increasing. Your EV charger can offer convenience, but the installation process can be complex. Thus, Finding a trustworthy and knowledgeable installer of electric car chargers is essential.

This guide will help you identify the essential aspects to consider when looking for an electric car charger installer in Toronto, Ontario.

Licensing and Certification

1.1 Licensed Electricians

Ensure the installer is a licensed electrician. Besides, it is crucial as only a licensed electrician can understand the local electrical codes and perform safe, efficient installations.

1.2 Certified Installers

Check if the installer has certifications from recognized electric car charger manufacturers. Certified installers have undergone extensive training and are knowledgeable about specific models of EV chargers.

Experience and Reputation

2.1 Installer Experience

An experienced installer would have faced and overcome numerous challenges during installations. They can foresee and tackle potential issues efficiently, ensuring a smooth installation process.

2.2 Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Consider the feedback from previous customers. Look for testimonials, reviews, or ratings on platforms like Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.

Insurance and Warranty

3.1 Liability Insurance

A reliable electric car charger installer should have liability insurance. It ensures that any damage caused during installation is covered, protecting you from unforeseen expenses.

3.2 Warranty Services

Look for an installer that offers warranty services. Again, this indicates that they stand by the quality of their work and are prepared to fix any potential issues in the future.

Local Code Knowledge and Permit Assistance

4.1 Knowledge of Local Electrical Codes

Toronto, Ontario, like other cities, has specific electrical codes that must be adhered to. A reputable electric car charger installer should know these local codes to ensure a compliant installation.

4.2 Assistance with Permits

Some installations may require permits. An experienced installer can guide you through the permit application process, making it hassle-free.

Pricing and After-Installation Support

5.1 Transparent Pricing

The installer should provide an upfront cost estimate covering the charger, installation, and additional fees. There should be no hidden costs.

5.2 After-Installation Support

Ensure the installer offers after-installation support. If you encounter issues with the charger or have questions about its operation after installation, it is essential.


The choice of EV charger installers in Toronto can significantly impact your transition to eco-friendly transportation. The top seven installers highlighted in this article offer excellent service, in-depth expertise, and comprehensive solutions, regardless of your need for home, business, or public charging stations.

By carefully selecting your installer, you contribute towards a greener, more sustainable future, staying abreast of rapid advancements in EV technology.





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